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Baby Steps for CBD Businesses

When we started this company we had no idea the amount of obstacles and roadblocks we would encounter. Our other ventures all possess their own unique challenges but something as simple as marketing our CBD line has left us scratching our heads at times. Blocked from main channels (FB), suspended form sales platforms (eB) and on it goes.

At times we fall human and throw our hands up yelling at some impish cannabis ogre, begging him to cut us a break. Other times, we are quietly, stubbornly, resolved to make this business a smashing success.

This week, we fell on some indirect good news; somewhere we can focus our priorities on to able to get CBD into the hands that need it. After all....that's why we're here. That's why PureOne exists.

Credit Unions Allowed to Offer Banking Services - In the first step towards easing banking restrictions, federal credit unions are now cleared to offer banking services to those in the hemp industry.

FDA Update - As leaders in the industry we all follow all the updates from the FDA.  They have a lot of work to do before they can make a decision on how they will regulate CBD.  They’ve indicated they will provide an update this fall, but no date has been given.  The longer it takes them to make a decision, the more time you have to gain market share and strengthen loyalty with your clients before the big regional and national chains begin carrying ingestible CBD products.

Record Growth - The CBD industry is breaking records monthly.  Sales grew by over 40% last month.  Search volume for all CBD-related keyword phrases continues to grow.  If you want to grow the business of your dreams, make sure you aren’t sitting on the sidelines.  When working in such a rapidly growing industry, your efforts will be multiplied and magnified, just as we are experiencing.  NOW IS THE TIME!  You don’t want to live with regret for missing one of the most unique opportunities of your lifetime. Gummies!

Free of gluten, GMOs and corn syrup, these THC-free Gummies are sure to be a customer favorite. We decided to not only stay clear of unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients but also to avoid gelatin in order for all to enjoy this vegan treat.

With a light apple flavor, these will take you to "Serene Orchards" every time they hit your tastebuds.

Retailing at $44.95 and containing 15 gummies with 20mg of CBD each, they are the perfect price point and easiest intake option for picky CBD users. These are flying off of our shelves and they will surely fly off of yours as well.



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