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Synthetic CBD: Buyer Beware!

Last August, right here in Connecticut, more than 100 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana. Just a month before that, there were some 300 synthetic cannabinoid overdoses in Washington, D.C. over a two-week period.

Adverse reactions to synthetic cannabinoids are nothing new. We are in the midst of a synthetic cannabinoid crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has traced numerous outbreaks of synthetic cannabinoids poisoning across the country, in what has become a trend that continues to rise.

In July 2018 the FDA released a statement warning about the “significant health risks of contaminated illegal synthetic cannabinoid products” linking their use to “severe illnesses and deaths” in several cases over the past few months in various states across the country. Poison incidents in Utah last winter, however, were a little different. The individuals who became sick didn’t purchase the synthetic cannabinoid commonly known as “K2” or “Spice.” All the patients that experienced the poisoning outbreak had taken what they believed was cannabis oil that contained CBD, and many had purchased it at a local smoke shop. When lab tests of the products patients had used were performed, not one of the products contained CBD. Rather, they were a mix of synthetic cannabinoids and chemicals, including 4-cyano CUMYL-BUTINACA (4-CCB), which is actually a synthetic cannabinoid meant to imitate the effects of THC. They purchased what they believed was CBD and rather than benefiting the wellness properties of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, they ended up in the emergency room.

It is also important to recognize how the packaging of these products may appear; most are inexpensively produced and sold, then placed into brightly colored bottles or packages to make them more appealing to customers, and particularly, the younger generation who are less likely to question the contents.

There are countless imposters out there. The chemicals mixed and passed off as CBD oil could cost you your health. If you’re interested in CBD, it’s vital to ensure the products you purchase are made from premium grade CBD and lab-tested — not a mixture of dangerous chemicals.

PureOne Botanicals can answer any questions you may have and send you third party Lab Reports.

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