CBD Face Mask 10mg (Qty 1)

CBD Face Mask 10mg (Qty 1)

A unique formulation of natural and organic ingredients that help address all skin concerns ranging from dryness, texture, to lightening and brightening. renews your skin with the nourishing and restorative benefits of hemp oil. Infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and supporting extracts like black licorice and rosemary, our face mask combats damage from pollution and restores what daily life takes away from your skin.


Known for its skin-loving properties, CBD is a powerful antioxidant to help soothe the skin, heal inflammation, and treat acne. CBD, especially teamed with hydrating omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, also contribute to the skin’s natural barrier function as they stimulate cell regeneration for a healthier youthful look. This ultimate restorative mask can bring your skin back to life. Its therapeutic effect can assist cells leaving you refreshed and ready for the next day.


Use this mask to reduce topical inflammation, calm and nourish your skin, calm your sleep, and wake up with a beautiful morning glow.


Our CBD face mask contains zero THC.


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